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  • Made to Measure: Interview coaching and CV writing tailored to each individual or institution. Strategic content and delivery has generated unprecedented success for clients, from graduate to CEO.
  • Prize Winning: City CV was awarded first place in the international TORIs, the ‘Oscars’ of the CV writing world. As driven by excellence as you are, with City CV, expect nothing less than the best.
  • Stand Out: CV Writing is a specialist skill and one we are extremely passionate about. City CV writers are handpicked and rigorously trained in how to best present clients to beat their competition.
  • Quality Guaranteed: Every CV is subject to a strict quality process to meet our exacting standards. This is personally overseen by our MD, Victoria McLean, former On-site Recruiter and Manager at Goldman Sachs and Merrill Lynch, and ex-Head Hunter, together with our in-house Professor of English.

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Lessons in professional CV writing

A CV is not one of those documents that you lock away in a safe, special or secret place, but there is no doubt it is one of the most important A4 double-sided pieces of paper you will ever have to write. Yes, in case you were wondering, two sides is indeed the optimum length. […]

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Why body language is important in interviews

It doesn’t matter how well qualified or comprehensively experienced, or well-rehearsed you are; if your body language on interview is all wrong, your interviewer won’t like you. Studies suggest that up to 93% of communication is non-verbal, and we all make constant rapid unconscious judgements about people we’re talking to, and this is particularly obvious […]

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Top Five Tips for Graduates to get into Accounting

If you’re thinking of putting your numerical skills, analytical ability, attention to detail and strong people skills to work in an accounting career, here are a few tips that will help: Volunteer to get practical experience All sorts of places would love to have a free accountant, even a trainee. Offer your skills to charities, […]

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Five Professional Writing Tips for Executive CVs

Everyone knows that the higher you get up the corporate food chain, the more competitive it gets. In these more rarefied atmospheres, your peers / competitor candidates are of course much more capable. The real issue, however, is that there are far fewer available positions in senior management than at any other level, not surprising […]

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