Client Successes

At City CV we pride ourselves on our CV writing service and interview coaching results.

It makes sense to us to polish and perfect every CV, to spend time refining a client’s interview questions and answers, so that our services are continually recommended and endorsed. And, as a large percentage of new clients come to us via referral, it’s an approach that obviously works. We measure our own success by the success of our clients and we make a point of staying in touch with our clients to see how their careers develop. We are particularly proud of the fact that many clients come back to us every few years for a CV update.

But don’t just take our word for it; here are some of the successes that our clients have enjoyed:

Feedback on interview coaching…
“That’s the best four hundred pounds I’ve spent this year, maybe in my life.”


“Thank you for your work. I’ve uploaded your work into my LinkedIn profile and within hours I have been contacted by recruiters, it works.”


Senior Project Manager

“I was very pleased with both your service as well as the final result. Actually, I got the first (and only) job I applied for, in FX Sales at Credit Agricole.”


“The City CV team did a great job of my CV. I’ve just started my job as a Director in Operational Risk, a lot of credit to the City CV team as I now have exactly the role I want.”

Director of Operational Risk

“I used City CV when applying for a six-figure Senior Marketing Manager position within a global company. Having transformed my CV and letter of application, City CV then took me through some fairly rigorous interview practice before both first and second interviews. Many of the questions they prepped me for actually came up and I knew exactly what they wanted to hear. I could not have been better prepared – I landed the job, increased my earnings by 30k per annum and took my career to another level.”

Managing Director

” Looking to reach the next level in my career, I found that despite my technical competency, I wasn’t best placed to communicate how my particular skill set would translate to the executive level. Initially sceptical of the merit of a professional CV review, I arrived at City CV after realising that the conversion rate for my applications was around 7% – not great.

The consultant I was given, Karl, who, contrary to my rather arrogant assumption, knew my industry backwards, and was able to walk me through my profile from the perspective of my target employers, and through one-to-one conversation, iterated through until we had a CV that communicated exactly what was needed – no more, no less.

The effect was immediate, with my conversion rate skyrocketing to 40%, 4 job offers, and ultimately a 38% salary increase.

Naturally, I now consider the services of City CV as essential to my career progression as networking and conventional CPD. An absolute no-brainer, worth every penny – cannot recommend strongly enough.


IT Project Manager

“Thank you so much for organising the career coaching session this morning. It has been a fantastic and productive session. Nick was so helpful and really helped me to take the best out of my CV and professional experience. I was so impressed. Thank you once again.”


“Quick message to say a huge thanks to you, Godfrey and Tony for all your help and expertise in getting me the role I wanted. I was offered a Head of Role on Friday afternoon, and am sure that it wouldn’t have happened without a shiny CV and the work we did with Tony to get my story straight. Delighted, thanks!”
Alex B

Product Developer

“Marie is an absolutely phenomenal coach who provides an incredible sense of security, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges. She instantly connects with her clients in a hugely reassuring way, through her genuine warmth, compassion and her resolute determination. She absolutely strives to help clients regain clarity and direction, as well as to take ownership of, and be comfortable with, life changing decisions.

Marie provides a balanced coaching approach that clearly identifies the issues and obstacles in the way of goals and employs sophisticated coaching techniques that generate sustainable solutions. At a time in my life when I was so despairing and feeling powerless after numerous job rejections, Marie was able to completely turn these difficult thoughts into a positive direction that enabled me to regain control, hope and remain focused on the end goal. She continued to wholeheartedly believe in me despite the continuous setbacks and even managed to rebuild my shattered self-esteem and confidence.

Marie gave me the strength and determination to achieve my ultimate goal and to think beyond the immediate future. I would 100% recommend Marie to anybody who has become “stuck” in life for whatever reason. She will absolutely ensure that you have the best possible chance of reaching your goal and goes out of her way to support you during the process.”


Career Returner

“I am very excited to let you know that I have received an offer for the lecturer position in Tourism Management. I really couldn’t be any happier to finally return what I consider home, this truly is life changing!

I’d like to thank you both for the fantastic support and the excellent work you did on my CV and cover letter – Tony’s interview coaching was also incredibly helpful as well and helped me go in in a far more confident manner. I just wanted to thank you in person for helping me getting an invitation to campus in the first place. I’m absolutely certain that I wouldn’t have even made it through the first round without your services, and I’ve already recommended you to some colleagues who are considering a professional revision of their application documents.”

Ina R

Senior Lecturer