Interviewer Training

You’ve trawled through hundreds of applications and narrowed it down to the final few. Now it’s time to assess which candidate is best for your business.

A successful and positive interview experience is essential for both the company and the candidate, so it’s crucial that you and your hiring managers are fully up to speed with modern interview techniques.

A poorly managed selection process can potentially cost your business thousands in lost revenue, rehiring, retraining and recruitment fees. Get it right first time, and your business will reap the profits for years to come.

City CV consultants are expert recruiters who have collectively selected countless staff across multiple industry sectors. As professional hiring managers with extensive insight into the applicant mind-set, we know exactly what’s needed to ensure a positive interview and selection process.

Our one-to-one or group interview training package for interviewers includes:

  • Analysing the structure of an interview
  • Looking beyond first impressions to realise the true value of a candidate’s skills, achievements and character
  • Interview strategy and preparation
  • Powerful interview questions
  • Techniques for ensuring that relevant results-based information is extracted from the interviewee so that an informed decision can be made
  • Sufficiently challenging the candidate during the interview
  • Effective ways to feed-back internally

For more information contact Victoria McLean on +44 20 7100 6656 or email [email protected]

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