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LinkedIn 10 Tick Test

The way recruiters use LinkedIn is always evolving and we are constantly changing the way we write LinkedIn profiles accordingly. We ensure every profile is effective, engaging and optimised – is yours?

Take a quick analysis of your LinkedIn profile and see if it passes the 10 Tick Test;

  1. Have you undertaken keyword research?
  2. Is every section of your LinkedIn profile optimised for search?
  3. Does your profile complement your new CV without repeating it?
  4. Is your profile 100% complete?
  5. Does your profile have a professional photo?
  6. Is your headline attention grabbing? Does it market you?
  7. Does your 2000-character summary provide a perfect snapshot of you, your career and your value?
  8. Does your personality shine through your profile?
  9. Are the right people looking at your profile and seeking to connect with you?
  10. Are the LinkedIn algorithms connecting you to the right jobs?

Every recruiter worth their salt (and most hirers) will go to your LinkedIn the moment you call them or send through your CV. They will also find you through keywords and your connections when searching to fill a role.  So, it’s worth keeping in mind that even with an outstanding CV, you could fall through the cracks if you ignore your online presence.

If you need help writing your LinkedIn profile we are happy to honour our package price of £150 (0-9 years) |£199 (10+ years) |£250 (Executive) if you order within the next 10 days (whilst you are still foremost in our minds).

If you wish to add a stand-out LinkedIn profile to enhance your job search, or indeed some tailored interview training simply contact us via email or give us a call on +44 20 7100 6656.


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