Marie, Career Coach

  • Experienced executive coach, working with a diverse array of cross-sector clients from graduate to CEO, including within financial services
  • Previously worked within high level investment banks as Recruitment Manager, as well as for two prominent recruitment companies
  • Enhances client confidence and clarity; aligns their core strengths and values with their new role, ensuring the right fit, both ways


Marie has spent her professional career in recruitment and coaching, working in a variety of industry sectors including banking, insurance, marketing, fitness and technology. She has seen success with clients across hierarchies, industries and functions, including senior executives, entrepreneurs, consultancy professionals, elite athletes, women returners, and anyone who finds themselves at a career or personal crossroads.

She also supports individuals to make the right life-changing decisions for themselves, or who want to change certain behaviours to be more effective on a personal as well as professional level.
Her expertise covers: career decision making, leadership transition, gaining clarity and insight; building confidence and self-esteem, and thinking ‘outside the box’. Marie encourages clients to live according to their core values; exploring core competencies and motivators.

Marie rapidly builds strong rapport and trust, improving client insight by ‘holding up a mirror’, allowing them to swiftly get to the heart of the matter. She is empathetic, warm and supportive, and draws on a variety of creative techniques.

Marie is passionate about enabling people to best leverage their strengths and aligning their values with what they do and who they are. Her belief is that the latter is the secret to creating a life that is joyful and fulfilling.

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