Military to Civilian CV Writing

City CV met every deadline and drilled down into the detail necessary to understand the target audience. The fact that I have now accepted the offer of this job, despite significant competition, is directly attributable to City CV’s work.” Andrew, Former Captain of the British Army

As promised, some feedback on how my assessment day went for the Director position with XXXX (Big National Charity). On arrival I was given a role play scenario and asked to prepare (30 mins allowed) a presentation to give to the interview panel. The subject related to the charity’s new Business Plan. Having completed the presentation, the same panel then interviewed me for an hour after which I was given a tour of the HQ. Finally there was a networking lunch. There were 6 other external candidates there. The assessment seemed to go well and I really enjoyed it! Of note and linked to your preparation – first question was the “Why join the XXXXX?” and second was the defence question, “If you wrote a CV that listed your weaknesses or bad points what would they be?” The ‘wow’ factor golden nuggets of research information proved very useful too.

“On Friday afternoon I received a call from the people interviewing to say that I had the job… and with that wonderful news I go into work tomorrow to resign from the Armed Forces after 28 years. I just wanted to thank you for your guidance which was invaluable. I felt very well prepared for the interview and actually enjoyed it.”
Anonymous (former Captain of the British Army)

We’re well versed in helping service personnel with the life-changing transition to a civilian role. Whether you’re a highly decorated Captain, a recently qualified Officer, or a Police Inspector with 30 years’ service under your belt, our CV writers and interview coaches have the experience and understanding to help you find success in your new career. Having recruited for countless industry leaders, we understand what makes employers tick and are perfectly placed to demonstrate how your accomplishments in the uniformed services transfer to the corporate world.

Military CV Writing Service

Your military career has undoubtedly offered you outstanding opportunities for training, skills development and progression. The trick is to translate these attributes into a business language so that a civilian hiring manager can appreciate their importance in a non-military setting.

Our in-depth consultation will focus on drawing out the relevant information from you to highlight your career aspirations, achievements and key qualities. After that we’ll create a professional, eye-catching CV, which is fully focused on helping you stand out from the crowd. Written by an expert CV writer and copywriter, the finished result will be carefully compiled and tailored to you, your experience and the requirements of your desired role.

Military Interview Coaching

Joining Civvy Street means not only are you tasked with changing the direction of your career, you’re also competing with experienced civilians. That’s not to say that you don’t have the skills and attributes needed for the role, rather that you just need to translate your accomplishments so that a recruiting manager can see what value they have in the civilian world.

That’s where we come in. We offer personalised interview training, designed to enhance your interview confidence and performance to land that perfect job.

Order one of our Interview Coaching or CV packages today or call +44 20 7100 6656 for a confidential discussion around your career goals and how we can help you achieve success.

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