Outplacement Support Services

Organisations have been hit hard by COVID-19. Many have restructured, rapidly adjusted to change, or pivoted in response to the pandemic. The Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme has provided a temporary lifeline through furlough, but in an economic downturn redundancies are inevitable. Having an effective and supportive outplacement service will help employees transition and allow businesses to survive.

We’re different…

City CV’s outplacement services don’t just offer your employees outplacement support, we do all the hard work for them. We are qualified industry experts. We offer practical, proactive career transition support to your staff, from board level to back office and front of house.

Our outplacement programme empowers your employees to take control of their career and swiftly transition to pastures new. Our industry experts relieve the pressure for you and your people and enable every employee leaving your business to feel secure as they hit today’s unpredictable job market, confident they have the best possible tools to secure a new post.

Call +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or email our expert team for a confidential discussion on how our outplacement programmes can support you and your employees.

Our outplacement services are tailored to you and your people

We know how complex the outplacement process can be. Our bespoke packages offer an end-to-end solution to assist with every aspect of your employees’ job search. We supply top professional CV and LinkedIn profile writing as well as confidence-boosting interview and career coaching, all supported by our industry leading Career Refinery Portal & App.

Three complete support programmes

Essentials Outplacement Programme

Professional Outplacement Programme

Executive Outplacement Programme

Career Refinery Portal & App

Blending e-learning, personal branding, live jobs and transition support, the Career Refinery combines interactive tools and resources to equip your employees for the next stage of their career.

With insights on the latest techniques to promote self-development and protect mental health, this is a robust and sustainable way to build knowledge and self-awareness. Above all, it maximises opportunities to help your team locate and secure their next role swiftly and effectively.

Group workshops and webinars

An interactive, hands-on environment is is cost-efficient and effective, providing the perfect platform to acquire new skills and put them into practice. We hold group outplacement workshops at client premises covering all manner of career transition tools, including CV writing, LinkedIn profile creation and interview skills.

In the current COVID-19 environment, we are running these sessions online using breakout rooms for focused work in smaller groups.