Who is this for?

Our customised programme is an ideal option if your employees would benefit from extra one-to-one guidance with Professional Writing and/or Career Coaching to help them focus clearly on their next move.

This programme is perfect for all members of your team, including at management level. It represents a richer, deeper investment in your people, equipping them with valuable skills and insights to enhance and strengthen their overall position.

Thanks to our extensive experience at every level across a wide range of industries, we can share our knowledge on how to navigate the turbulent job market. This is reflected in the format of this customised programme, which aligns closely with each individual’s needs and aspirations. 

How does it work?

The programme includes:

Professional Writing Services

Writing your own CV doesn’t come naturally.  A professionally produced and structured CV  benefits from expert scrutiny and industry insight. It will present each person’s distinctive attributes in a way that shows the value they bring to their future employer.

Our team adopts a nuanced and strategic approach, which fuses market knowledge with a deep understanding of recruitment techniques. Our specialist CV writers are also talented interviewers, who can draw out your employees’ strengths to build their personal brand and create a compelling CV story.

Our process is quite simply life-changing, involving an in-depth consultation with an expert, who has spent years perfecting the art of CV writing and who genuinely cares about each client and their future success. 

Marketing means standing out. We will arm your employee with exceptionally well researched and beautifully written personal promotional documents.

The City CV writing team are experts at articulating our clients’ USPs and creating powerful, keyword-optimised CVs, LinkedIn profiles, letters and bios that generate interviews.

Professional Career Coaching Service

At times of redundancy, company restructure and career transition, it is important for your business to offer support, promote change, inspire optimism and set the scene for a positive future. The way to achieve this is through tailored and professional career transition coaching and interview training.

Career Transition Coaching

Ongoing support from a skilled career coach brings clarity and composure to an uncertain environment.

We individually match our career coaches to each employee to produce optimum results. That personal touch is a lifeline for exiting employees. It will allow them to progress quickly, making the right career decisions to locate and secure their new role.

Our Professional packages include proactive ongoing career support, which provides departing staff with a career companion. As needs change, the coach can adapt and refocus the transition plan. They can prepare interview strategies, discuss applications, advise on tailoring CVs and approaches for different roles – and be there to guide, support and encourage.

Interview Training

With a market average of 27 applications to secure just one interview, your people need to make the most of every opportunity. As part of the Professional Coaching Programme, our tailored one-to-one interview coaching will provide the preparation and techniques your employees need to transform their interview success.

This includes partnering with each employee to create, practise and deliver structured, strategic answers to a wide range of interview questions, helping the interviewer buy into ‘Brand You’. We will work hand in hand with each client to improve eloquence, overcome interview anxiety and increase personal credibility, gravitas and impact. Empowering negotiation techniques will help seal the deal.

We know that no two employees are the same. We create a specific development strategy for each individual.

Career Refinery Portal and App

As specialists in career consultancy, we have created an intuitive bespoke portal and app to make it easier to engage, educate and empower employees at every level about their choices.

Bringing together e-learning, personal branding, live jobs and support with transition, the Career Refinery combines interactive tools and valuable resources to equip your employees for the next stage of their career.

Interested in finding out more?

Give your employees the support they deserve. For a confidential discussion about the benefits of our Professional programme, call our team on +44 (0)20 7100 6656 or contact us. We’ll go through your options depending on the number of individuals you are supporting and discuss exactly what you need. Then leave it to us. We will contact each individual, run through the programme with them and set up a personal plan so that they are in control of their future.

“A phenomenal coach, who provides an incredible sense of security, despite seemingly insurmountable challenges. She instantly connects with her clients in a hugely reassuring way, through genuine warmth, compassion and resolute determination.

She absolutely strives to help clients regain clarity and direction, as well as to take ownership of, and be comfortable with life changing decisions… and employs sophisticated coaching techniques that generate sustainable solutions.

At a time in my life when I was so despairing and feeling powerless after numerous job rejections, she was able to completely turn these difficult thoughts into a positive direction that enabled me to regain control, hope and remain focused on the end goal. She continued to wholeheartedly believe in me despite the continuous setbacks and even managed to rebuild my shattered self-esteem and confidence.

She gave me the strength and determination to achieve my ultimate goal and to think beyond the immediate future. I would 100% recommend City CV to anybody who has become “stuck” in life for whatever reason.  Your coach will absolutely ensure that you have the best possible chance of reaching your goal and go out of her way to support you.”

Claire, Human Resources Specialist, Financial Services

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