There’s never been a more uncertain time for businesses across the UK – if not the world. Every sector has been touched by the coronavirus – with the global economy impacted, redundancies were always going to be inevitable. And they’re happening right now.

This makes it more important than ever to get the support you deserve – when your employees need it most.

How outplacement benefits both your business and your employees

As a business, you don’t have to manage redundancies alone. There are lots of valuable reasons for investing in an outplacement support as part of a wider programme:

  • You will alleviate stress and take away anxiety for those directly affected
  • You’ll be supporting people in a practical, results-driven way… as well as reassuring your remaining employees
  • You’ll be actively demonstrating your corporate social responsibility credentials
  • You’ll be protecting your brand and reputation
  • You will cool down the heat across your organisation

Supporting employees at this pivotal time gives them something tangible to focus on that will give enduring value as well as immediate benefits. With the right outplacement partner, you’ll be helping employees:

  • Move on faster and find a job sooner
  • Understand today’s job market, especially if they’ve not needed to search for a new role for many years
  • Change direction or switch sectors
  • Regain control with professional tailored support – at no cost to them
  • Refresh their CV and LinkedIn profile to reflect their skills and achievements
  • Prepare for their next interview and gain confidence in their abilities
  • Feel supported, empowered and encouraged from the very beginning

Not only does outplacement support help employees find new work with CV overhauls, job search strategies, interview training and practice, and tailored career coaching, it also instils useful behaviours and approaches that go on to benefit them as they transition to new roles and evolve their career.

You’ll be showing compassion during times of crisis and change. Giving your employees an opportunity to re-evaluate what drives them. Making a difference to how they feel about redundancy/redeployment.

What to look for when you’re considering outplacement services

A trusted partner.

Expertise where it counts.

Experienced professionals who can offer proactive career transition support from shop floor to top floor – and who can demonstrate experience across multiple sectors.

A safe pair of hands to relieve the pressure on you, as an organisation and on the people you support.

A company who can align with your business: one who takes the time to understand your priorities and concerns, and can adapt to these with flexible programmes, such as offering different ways of accessing services – group sessions, workshops, small meetings, video calls – can be extremely valuable. Not everyone learns in the same way.

At City CV, we offer all of this with outplacement services that flex to your needs.

Partner with us, and you can rely on us to take care of every element of the outplacement support programme – leaving you free to support your people and organisation on the ground.

This may just be expert advice and guidance to help your people prepare a CV, or you may benefit from comprehensive career coaching including strategies and job search support on a one-to-one or group basis. Our newly launched Career Refinery is an intuitive portal and app to make it easier to educate, engage and empower employees about their choices.

“It was such a relief to hand over the care of our outgoing colleagues to you. After that first call, I knew from the beginning that your team would guide our executives towards their next role, deepening their knowledge of the skills and personal qualities that would secure their future. Thank you for your compassionate support and undeniable expertise at navigating challenging times.” Andrew, CEO

Find out more about the outplacement support we offer to corporate clients.

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