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City CV offers our existing clients a CV Update Service to ensure their marketing document is always current and ready for today’s employment market.

Adding new information to an existing CV involves an extensive review and careful editing of the current content before any new content can be added. This ensures the CV remains compelling and is fully aligned with the new targeted role.

Our update writing process goes through the same stringent steps as writing a new CV. It begins with a Skype / phone consultation with one of our professional writers who will prepare your updated CV, including fresh keyword research, aligning all copy to your target role(s), editing existing copy, creating new content and refreshing the formatting and style to bring it all up to date.

The updated CV will undergo City CV’s unique editing process, incorporating a clear interview-producing strategy, linguistic accuracy, correct tone and pitch, and key-word alignment to applicant tracking systems (ATS). CV quality is personally overseen by our quality proofing team, headed by our CEO and City CV’s Professor of English.

Your newly updated CV will be refined and the finished result – including formatting, power phrasing and keyword optimisation – will be tailored to you and your exact requirements.

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At the time you were preparing my new CV I managed to secure a position prior to obtaining this CV and so, at the time, I didn’t actually make use of it. Unfortunately, the CV I had used did not sufficiently accentuate my dual IT/legal background over a number of years – probably because I had never really taken CV preparation seriously previously. As a result I ended up in a rather junior position at a well-known professional services firm and, unhappily, I felt compelled to leave after only a few months. Since then I have started to use the CV you crafted and I was surprised by just how powerful an impact it has had. I received two offers last week, one of which I have accepted as Senior Counsel at a top tier law firm in London. I simply had to write to you and say thank you!

M.K. ... Legal Counsel

I had my CV redone by your team and it has landed me with two interviews for front office roles. I am exceedingly happy with the results and very impressed with how much of a difference it has made. I feel with front office roles you do have to come across as confident to really fit the role, especially for women.

C.R. ... Financial Analyst

Just thought you'd like to see my profile views since I went live with the profile you created.

+450% since last week


T.A. ... IT

I wanted to congratulate you on an OUTSTANDING job. I was lost for words when I read the CV…The CV is PERFECT. Again, thank you very much for delivering an extraordinary CV!

Anonymous ... FX Global Head

The write up for the LinkedIn profile looks great! Thanks for all the help with both the CV and LinkedIn profile, both top notch!

Will ... Sales and Marketing Professional

I am pleased and satisfied with my CV. Thank you everyone who provided their service to create my CV.

HG ... Accountant

I have got the opinion of a good friend who is an HR professional on the CV – she has said it is perfect!


I was offered the job and accepted last week. Many thanks for your help. I owe you one!


I wanted to congratulate you on an OUTSTANDING job. I was lost for words when I read the CV…the CV is PERFECT. Again, thank you very much for delivering an extraordinary CV.


My CV looks fantastic. I almost didn’t recognise it. I was impressed with my own experience. You guys have done a fantastic job!

John D

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