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Our Executive-class interview coaching team has 70 years’ experience in major blue chips and across the public and third sectors; from Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch, Lucent Technologies and Disney through to the NHS, several UK universities and the civil service. We have supported hundreds of clients into enviable positions with top tier employers.

With expertise in head hunting, HR and comms across global corporates, our coaches draw on a wealth of knowledge to help you drive your Executive career forward, help your transition to the Board or expand your NED portfolio.

Interview success in 3 easy steps.

1. Order your interview or Executive coaching session online or call +44 20 7100 6656.
We offer interview sessions online and welcome clients from all over the world. Alternatively you can meet an expert interview coach face-to-face in central London.

2. Interview training tailored around you: run as single or multiple sessions, each interview package is entirely bespoke, and geared towards helping you secure your target role. With packages ranging from two hours, we will arrange your session at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.

3. Take advantage of our expertise:

benefit from our insider knowledge of C-Suite and Board recruitment; we know what makes head hunters tick, what employers and Boards are looking for and how senior level hiring decisions are made. City CV’s collective expertise and understanding of the UK and international employment market is second-to-none.

Individually tailored sessions can include:

  • Interview Strategy Development: Strategy creation and comprehensive preparation to fully prepare you for the board room.
  • Brand Preparation: Understanding your own value is key to a leader’s ability to capitalise on their strengths. Fully explore your differentiators to stand out from your competitors and express your core identity with impact.
  • Mock Interview: Customised to you, your chosen role and industry.
  • Interview Situations: Different interview situations require different modus operandi. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality. Tailor your responses to the right audience.
  • Interview Delivery: We’ll help coach you to be credible, engaging, eloquent and authoritative.
  • Understand the nuances of a non-Executive role: explore the different skills required and how your skills and expertise can be transferred into a non-Executive position.
  • Meet role criteria: in-depth analysis of your career history to allow you to present your experience with clarity and relevance, and fit with what it is that Boards are looking for.
  • Transition to the Board: learn how you can distil the vast experience of a successful career into the story that will bring out your best qualities for a Board level position.
  • Cross Cultural Communication: Tony Corballis, our Principal Interview Coach, is a specialist in language and communication skills for clients for whom English is a second language. His encyclopaedic knowledge of other cultures will equip you with winning interview tools and techniques, whatever the geography.

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I have looked over the CV and letter and I am very impressed and indeed overjoyed at the outcome. Thank you, thank you and thank you

John ... Senior Executive

I would like to thank you for the professionalism I experienced when I asked you to re-write my CV. In my opinion, the CV you wrote was outstanding and better presented my experience and showcased my results throughout my career. I’m looking forward in the next few weeks to applying for NED and potential new opportunities with more confidence.

David ... Chief Information Office / Chief Operating Office

This looks great. Thank you indeed for all the hard work you have put into this in a very short space of time. I know it was a tall order over the weekend.

S. Ali ... Senior Strategic Leadership Executive

First of all a huge thank you, I am so happy with the words and expression that he found to describe me and my career and how he pointed out my achievements. I love the cover letter and the CV.

Amira ... Managing Director

The City CV team did a great job of my CV. I’ve just started my job as a Director in Operational Risk, a lot of credit to the City CV team as I now have exactly the role I want.

Simon ... Director Operational Risk

You may recall that you helped me to reorganize my CV and LinkedIn profile a few months ago because I was looking for an opportunity that would help me moving from Italy to the UK. I would like to thank you very much for the help and effort that you put into this, because in fact it has been the turning point of my professional and personal life: after so many months going nowhere with my original CV, something clicked and I was extremely honoured to be interviewed by many startups and corporations such as Google, HP, Dell, Amazon and Philips.

I am very happy to share the news that my family dream has come true and that we are now happy residents in London.
What’s more, I managed to change my job from a technical job to an evangelist and marketing job, which is what I was truly looking for. In fact I have recently accepted an offer and have started to work as a Cloud Evangelist and Product Marketing Manager in the Cloud Centre of Excellence in London and very much happy for my new adventure! The whole family moved over and are already enjoying our new home and English life. Thanks again for being instrumental for such a huge change in my life.

Marco C ... Business Relationship Manager

Tony is even more fantastic than you suggested. Really. Our sessions have been extremely beneficial to me. I felt much more prepared. I’ll keep you posted of the final outcome.

P.B. ... Banking MD

Tony is even more fantastic than you suggested. Really. Our sessions have been extremely beneficial to me. I felt much more prepared. I’ll keep you posted of the final outcome.

P.B-G. ... Banking MD

I wanted to congratulate you on an OUTSTANDING job. I was lost for words when I read the CV…The CV is PERFECT. Again, thank you very much for delivering an extraordinary CV!

Anonymous ... FX Global Head

I have got my new CV and feeling so happy. This is unbelievable. My CV could not be better than this. I really appreciate the help.

V.T. ... Banking and Finance Graduate

I received my new look CV earlier this morning and initial glance is one of ‘I would want to hire myself!’ – really excited to see its impact when applying for roles which will hopefully lead to landing commensurate opportunities.

Alistair ... Finance Director

Thanks for assigning such a great team member to work with me, my CV and then with my LinkedIn profile. He has great interpersonal skills, adapts well, is fast and does give one the feeling being in ‘good hands’. He must be one of the best in your team! I thank you very much for staying in touch and for coordinating the effort to get me a professional CV and I think a good LinkedIn profile.

Martin ... Senior Executive

Thanks a lot for sending across the LinkedIn profile. I am indeed very pleased with the result.

A.H. ... Banking Director

Thank you very much for a fantastic CV. Using all the right financial buzz words together with a very high level of written English I am absolutely sure that I will soon be back on the job market again. I will definitely use City CV again.

J.B. ... Senior Equity Trader

Many thanks to you both and the rest of the team for your work on my LinkedIn profile.
I am very happy and I would have no hesitation in recommending you going forward. The process was as straightforward, useful and easy as promised.

N McB ... Commercial Director

I really appreciate the effort you put into both my CV and Linked In profile, and the quality of the output. Thank you once again for all your help, and I look forward to working with you again in the future.

A.C. ... Transformation Programme Director

I’ve reviewed the CV (and used it already a couple of times), and I am very happy with the result, so you can consider this mail as official sign off. A special thank you for Lauren for her excellent work! I will not hesitate to recommend you to colleagues, actually I’ve already started doing so.

M.T. ... Senior IT Contractor

It has been fabulous working with you on my CV and LI profile. The end result looks terrific and is a significant improvement on my own version crafted many years ago.

Alan ... COO and CFO

I would like to say thanks for the tremendous work you carried out. I am extremely satisfied with the work. The amount of calls I am having from agencies who are viewing my CV is enormous.

M.S. ... Senior Accountant

Not only did I get an interview, I bypassed the long list interviews and went straight through to the shortlist.

Niamh B ... Board Executive

Your team have done a very nice job on my new CV and LinkedIn profile and I feel it is money well worth spent. Thank you all for your efforts.


Thank you very much for writing my CV. I am very happy with the final product. Really appreciate the time you took during our consultation to really understand what I was looking for and identifying my strengths. Thank you very much for all your assistance and for writing my CV so quickly. I will definitely recommend City CV to friends

R.A. ... Senior Human Rights Advisor

Thank you for your attention and patience at all times in concluding my CV. I found your services to be very professional and of a high standard.

Sukhbir ... Senior Business Development Leader

Thank you! I am really pleased, the CV has exceeded my expectations. Thanks both for your input, genuinely ‘over the moon’!

James ... Department Head

Thanks – you guys smashed it, thank you so much.

Steve ... Senior IOS Developer

Thanks for sending through the CV, I’m really pleased with it as it looks fantastic. A million times better than I could have ever achieved!

Mark ... Head of Finance

Not only did I get an interview, I bypassed the long list interviews and went straight through to the shortlist.

Niamh B ... Board Executive

Thank you for your work. I’ve uploaded your work into my LinkedIn profile and within hours I have been contacted by recruiters, it works

Jamie ... Senior Project Manager

Thanks a million again for what is an excellent piece of work. First outing for my new CV has already got me an interview so fingers crossed!

Kevin F ... CFO

Thank you SO much for your support and advice. The interview was a success and I have made it to MD (at top tier bank).


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