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As one of the UK’s leading executive search firms, we are delighted to partner with award-winning City CV, to offer our candidates professionally written executive CVs and LinkedIn profiles, interview training and career coaching.

Interview training significantly improves your chances of getting the job you deserve. City CV’s individually-tailored 1-2-1 interview coaching sessions enable you to develop the winning strategies that will land your target role, whatever stage of your career you are at.

Our executive-class interview coaching team has deep sector expertise, gained from their own experience in major blue chip corporates, SMEs, and across the public and third sectors. Our coaches draw on a wealth of coaching success to help you drive your senior management / executive career forward, help your transition to the Board or expand your career portfolio. We have supported hundreds of clients into fulfilling roles and enviable positions with top tier employers within a range of industries including; financial services, accountancy, technology, construction, public sector, healthcare, engineering, legal, marketing, consumer/FMCG, manufacturing and many more.

A confidence-boosting interview strategy

Interview success in 3 easy steps.

1. Order your interview coaching session online or call +44 20 7100 6656.
We offer interview sessions via videocall and welcome clients from all over the UK / world. Alternatively, you can meet an expert interview coach face-to-face in central London.

2. Interview session(s), tailored around you: run as single or multiple sessions, each interview package is entirely bespoke, and geared towards helping you secure your target role. With packages ranging from 2 – 10 hours, we will arrange your session at a time to suit you, including evenings and weekends.

3. Take advantage of our expertise: Benefit from our insider knowledge of corporate and C-Suite recruitment; we know what makes head hunters tick, what employers are looking for and how senior level hiring decisions are made. City CV’s collective expertise and understanding of the employment market is second-to-none.

Individually tailored sessions can include:

  • Interview Strategy Development: Strategy creation and comprehensive preparation to fully prepare you for every stage of the interview process.
  • Brand Preparation: Understanding your own value is key to a leader’s ability to capitalise on their strengths. Fully explore your differentiators to stand out from your competitors and express your core identity with impact.
  • Mock Interview: Customised to you, your chosen role and industry.
  • Panel, Skype and phone interviews: Different interview situations require different modus operandi. We’ll ensure you’re prepared for every eventuality. Tailor your responses to the right audience.
  • Interview Delivery: We’ll help coach you to be credible, engaging, eloquent and authoritative.
  • Understand the nuances of a non-Executive role: explore the different skills required and how your skills and expertise can be transferred into a non-Executive position.
  • Meet role criteria: in-depth analysis of your career history to allow you to present your experience with clarity and relevance, and fit with what the business is looking for.
  • Transition to the Board: learn how you can distil the vast experience of a successful career into the story that will bring out your best qualities for a Board-level position.
  • Cross Cultural Communication: Our Principal Interview Coach, is a specialist in language and communication skills for clients for whom English is a second language. His encyclopaedic knowledge of other cultures will equip you with winning interview tools and techniques, whatever the geography.

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I went to City CV for help after being rejected at the interview stages of 3-4 different graduate jobs. After one session with Victoria, and one session from Tony, not only was I much better prepared to answer competency questions but my confidence had been restored. On the day of the interview every question asked by the interviewer we had covered the previous day and I found out 2 hours later that I had successfully got the job! I would recommend City CV to any of my friends!

Tom ... Broker

Thank you very much for your help with the coaching. I have now received an offer from Boston Consulting. I used your pointers for two subsequent interviews which led to request for second rounds-but turned them down for Boston.

Anonymous ... Legal Counsel

Invaluable help and support with CV, LinkedIn profile and interview coaching! Highly recommend – money well spent!


Invaluable help and support with CV, LinkedIn profile and interview coaching! Highly recommend- money well spent!


As promised, some feedback on how my assessment day went for the Director position with XXXX (Big National Charity). On arrival I was given a role play scenario and asked to prepare (30 mins allowed) a presentation to give to the interview panel. The subject related to the charity’s new Business Plan. Having completed the presentation, the same panel then interviewed me for an hour after which I was given a tour of the HQ. Finally there was a networking lunch. There were 6 other external candidates there. The assessment seemed to go well and I really enjoyed it! Of note and linked to your preparation – first question was the “Why join the XXXXX?” and second was the defence question, “If you wrote a CV that listed your weaknesses or bad points what would they be?” The ‘wow’ factor golden nuggets of research information proved very useful too.
On Friday afternoon I received a call from the people interviewing to say that I had the job… and with that wonderful news I go into work tomorrow to resign from the Armed Forces after 28 years.
I just wanted to thank you for your guidance which was invaluable. I felt very well prepared for the interview and actually enjoyed it.

Anonymous ... Former Captain of the British Army

I have passed the assessment and been offered the job!! My consultation really helped me to prepare my competency answers and gave me the confidence to ace the interview.

Rishi ... Asset Management

I just wanted to thank you for the excellent job coaching. It was really helpful and I was able to understand my USP, along with how to make my presentation short, direct and to the point.


I always thought my CV and interview technique was quite good, but after City CV totally revamped them I realised I was definitely in need of some changes. We did coaching sessions on everything from the competency interview to the group exercises and numerical and technical skills. I felt so prepared on my interview day that I actually really enjoyed it rather than feeling nervous and stressed like I normally do. To top it off I received an offer for the job and the interviewer remarked what a professional CV I had compared to many he had seen.

Sophie ... Banking Graduate

Nick, I just wanted to send a massive thanks for the support you gave me. I've been offered the role and that's in no small part thanks to your amazing coaching; I feel I really improved over our three sessions, and I honestly didn't realise I had so much to improve on beforehand!

Stephen B ... Project & Programme Manager

I just want to say THANK YOU – I found your two interview coaching sessions extremely helpful, and gave me back the confidence I needed to go forward with interviews. In the end I had final rounds with BP and also another head hunter called and I had four final round interviews in one week with ING as well. It all went well and I was offered a great job working with ING.

Albrecht ... Corporate Financial Advisor

I have just been made an offer by J.P. Morgan which, given my poor application success rate, is attributed to City CV. I met Nick twice in person for both first and final round interview prep. His advice is invaluable and I recommend taking his suggestions fully on board. Nick does a terrific job of ensuring that you maintain coherence in high pressure interview situations. Thank you again for everything and I will most certainly refer friends over to you!

A.K. ... Graduate Analyst

Thanks for all your help. The interview went really well, so well that I got the job.

Tristan ... Graduate

Thanks very much again for the advice and assistance that you gave me regarding interviews and the re-structuring of my CV and Personal Statement. I have been given an offer on the Sports Journalism Course. The course is promoted as the best in the country as it’s the only one that gives a National Journalist Qualification.

Adam ... Sports Journalist

Tony is even more fantastic than you suggested. Really. Our sessions have been extremely beneficial to me. I felt much more prepared. I’ll keep you posted of the final outcome.

P.B. ... Banking MD

A quick note to let know that I have successfully been through the interviewing processes and was offered one of the position we’ve been preparing together.
Your help was certainly a key part of it, so thank you!

Sandrine ... Consumer Insights Professional

I have done very well with my search for a job. I have recently been offered a place as a graduate trainee for Ernst and Young, Assurance, which I have accepted. I can’t wait to start. It was only my second interview and my first assessment centre. Whilst they were challenging, I felt confident going in and they said it showed. Thank you for all the help you gave me, it was invaluable.

James ... Audit

I just wanted to take the opportunity to thank you for all the coaching you gave today; it has certainly put a lot of things into perspective for me and I now feel more confident about approaching interviews. I thought the session was very well thought out and I really enjoyed the banter; it made things a lot more easier to process. I hope you continue to deliver sessions with the same passion you both displayed today and hope City CV’s success continues.

Ali ... Finance Graduate

Thanks to the STAR training and the buzzwords, I had the chance to enjoy long interviews and role playing with the assessing team. I had the opportunity to present myself and speak about my skills to one of world’s top brands which is great. I am now waiting to hear.

Harry ... Procurement

I just thought I’d send you a quick email to give you an update on my situation. After working with you, I got 4/5 different interviews and I’m happy to say that I did great on all of them. So I just wanted to thank you for all your help! Our sessions really did help me in being prepared properly which meant I had no nerves during the experience.

H.A. ... Audit Professional

Thank you very much for the interview coaching. I successfully passed the telephone interview!


The interview coaching package is more helpful than I thought. After I failed one interview after another, I bought an interview coaching package from City CV. With your help I built my interview strategy, spotted my mistakes during interviews, learnt how to tell my story and can respond almost any competency question confidently. I would not have obtained the offer from DB without your help. Many thanks! I really appreciate the help I received from City CV and would highly recommend City CV to anyone who wants to improve his/her interview skills and success rate.

X.S. ... Accounting Graduate

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