Lumina Spark – Understanding your personality

  • How well do you know yourself?
  • Are you clear about what drives your behaviours and determines your approach to job hunting?
  • What type of role will you find engaging and motivating?

Next generation personality insights

We can help you to answer these questions through the Lumina Spark personality psychometric, a remarkable professional development tool that supports individuals to increase their self-awareness and work more effectively with others. 

It is unique amongst personality tools because it avoids stereotyping whilst clearly communicating personal preferences using a memorable format. People enjoy it because it’s easy to use, simple to understand and provides clear, jargon-free personality insights.

There are three distinct differences between Lumina Spark and other psychometric tests:

  1. Lumina doesn’t label people or put them in a box, we call this trait, not type.
  2. Lumina doesn’t force choice of preferences, we call this “embracing paradox”. We measure the level to which each individual has competing and contradictory qualities i.e. their level of introversion and extraversion.
  3. Lumina measures what you do naturally, every day and under pressure. We call this the “Three Personas”.

Simple Questionnaire; Deep Insights

The starting point for your Lumina Spark professional development experience is a simple online questionnaire that enables you to receive a highly personalised report. This accurately describes your personality and provides a practical method for reading, adapting to and influencing other people.

Your Portrait can be used as the basis for your ongoing personal and professional development.  A feedback call with an experienced consultant ensures you accurately interpret your report, make important connections and find answers to any questions you may have.

Whether you’re starting the search for your first job, considering a career move, enhancing your leadership impact or seeking to better understand others, Lumina Spark is an invaluable tool.

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Thank you SO much for your support and advice. The interview was a success and I have made it to MD (at top tier bank).


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