Redundancy / Redeployment Services for Individuals

Redundancy can happen to the best of us. But in these unprecedented times of Coronavirus it’s not just increasingly more prevalent, it’s rife. Whether temporary or permanent, it’s a scary situation to find yourself in but you can take action to help.

It’s important to stay focused, calm and determined to take back control of the situation. We’re here to help you triumph over adversity.

Our outplacement services provide an end-to-end solution to assist you through redundancy, redeployment and career transition. We’ll help you send a positive message to future employers, using a variety of practical and professional approaches designed to help you move on quickly and increase your chances of success in securing a new role.

We support your career through a comprehensive redundancy /redeployment /outplacement programme. This includes:

City CV Outplacement

For more information or for a confidential discussion, please call us on  +44 20 7100 6656 or email.

These services are also available for clients who may be at a career crossroads. The Works is an end to end solution that will support you through your entire job search process.


I feel the sessions we had opened my eyes to who I really am. It was such an insightful course about myself and the things that matter to me.

I was going through a difficult moment at work where I felt broken, demotivated and full of self-doubt. These sessions not only helped me to regain my confidence and motivation but also put in front of my mind what really makes me happy and that it’s important to seek that happiness in everything I do in my life, not only at work. It felt like therapy! It made me feel good with myself.

I loved the fact that I was able to feel comfortable talking about my problems and issues at work and be as open and honest as I could be. I thank you for listening and for all your tips and advise.

When I’m ready to move to a new job, I’ll let you know. Thanks again for showing me the kind human being I am but never noticed.


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