I just wanted to say thank you for your help and support in writing my CV and LinkedIn profile. I met a recruiter today and used the new CV. Their feedback was that the CV was excellent and as a result of this and the conversation I had, I am being put forward for a role. Delighted with the result.

Anonymous ... Head of Talent, Financial Services

Thanks so much for the CV webinar. It is incredibly useful. I have been out of the workplace for 6 years and need to start my CV from scratch so this helps enormously.

Susan ... Finance Professional

I got in touch with you to get help on my CV. I was referred to Devin who helped me review my CV and compiled a new version for me. That has worked for me to get noticed enough to get shortlisted at quite a few openings that I applied for. I had been looking for this opportunity as I had been on a break for the last 10 years due to family responsibilities. Last December I was contacted for a role as a Contractor to work on a project for a major bank. I joined later and am working on the same project as of today.

I am very pleased to extend my thank you to your entire team at City CV for making it possible for me to get that break I very desperately needed at that time to get back into work after a long break. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.

Anonymous ... Finance Professional

I just wanted to say how great the information you gave was during the webinar. This is something I would definitely refer back to before going into an interview. I had my CV redone by your team and it has landed me with two interviews for front office roles. I am exceedingly happy with the results and very impressed with how much of a difference it has made. I feel with front office roles you do have to come across as confident to really fit the role, especially for women.

C.R. ... Financial Analyst

I just want to say thank you for City CV’s help in creating my new CV. It helped me get a lot of interviews and secure a great job.

TS ... Senior Finance Professional

Thanks a million again for what is an excellent piece of work. First outing for my new CV has already got me an interview so fingers crossed!

Kevin ... CFO

I just thought I’d send you a quick email to give you an update on my situation. After working with you, I got 4/5 different interviews and I’m happy to say that I did great on all of them. So I just wanted to thank you for all your help! Our sessions really did help me in being prepared properly which meant I had no nerves during the experience.

H.A. ... Audit Professional

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