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As former Big 4 and FTSE 500 technology professionals themselves, our dedicated IT&T team has professional experience within this sector.

The Information Technology & Telecommunications sectors comprise the defining industries of today’s globalised world. The reliance on IT&T and the development of cutting- edge solutions now underpin all sectors, both private and public.  ICT drives innovation, transforms the ways in which we work, breaks down global barriers and facilitates international collaboration on a previously unprecedented scale.

The subsections of these industries determine the capacity of both large multinationals and local enterprises, enabling them to flourish in response to customer demand and to become more agile as they integrate new tools and techniques that in turn create dynamic business strategy. From Software, Infrastructure and Cloud Services, Cybersecurity and IoT to Data  Science, the range of careers for IT professionals is constantly evolving.

The sector wants individuals whose technical knowledge is matched by advanced analytical and problem-solving capabilities together with the crucial softer competencies of effective team working and the ability to translate ideas into the solutions that will inspire company strategy. City CV helps clients to present this skill mix through a suite of personal branding documents and interview support packages that will attract and impress top IT&T recruiters and employers.

The opportunities to progress and diversify are virtually unmatched. In an internationally competitive environment, individuals are no longer tied to a particular location. Because they can work for any company from anywhere in the world, it is even more important for them to stand out from the crowd with a powerful CV,  LinkedIn profile and interview pitch. City CV’s tailored career coaching helps crystallise personal career goals and shows how to secure the most fulfilling and rewarding roles at all stages of a career.

A CV in this sector needs to fuse IT credentials with the commercial value that an individual brings to a business. How they contribute to hitting targets, boosting profit and transforming processes for internal clients and customers. Framing achievements with conviction and confidence. Why the candidate will be a superb cultural fit. This is where City CV can help.

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“Looking to reach the next level in my career, I found that despite my technical competency, I wasn’t best placed to communicate how my particular skill set would translate to the executive level. Initially sceptical of the merit of a professional CV review, I arrived at City CV after realising that the conversion rate for my applications was around 7% – not great.

The consultant I was given, Karl, who, contrary to my rather arrogant assumption, knew my industry backwards, and was able to walk me through my profile from the perspective of my target employers, and through one-to-one conversation, iterated through until we had a CV that communicated exactly what was needed – no more, no less.

The effect was immediate, with my conversion rate skyrocketing to 40%, 4 job offers, and ultimately a 38% salary increase. Naturally, I now consider the services of City CV as essential to my career progression as networking and conventional CPD. An absolute no-brainer, worth every penny – cannot recommend strongly enough.”

MG, IT Project Manager

Specialist Expertise from a Committed Team

The City CV team includes established senior professionals who collectively have decades of experience in the ICT sector and who have recruited and consulted at every level, both in the UK and internationally. Their backgrounds include hands-on strategic leadership, Big 4 consultancy, technical programme management, software development and IT training, as well as global recruitment for multinational companies.

This specialist insight defines the quality of our input. It means that we can accurately advise individuals who span the range from non-executive director, CTO, CDO and CIO through to programme manager, enterprise architect and developer. Our nuanced understanding of the different roles and functions in technology companies also means that we can support clients applying for IT positions in global cross-sector organisations, start-ups, SMEs, consultancies, and managed service providers.

City CV’s USP lies in breaking down barriers to analyse not just technical know-how but the value-added capabilities that are so critical to industry advancement. We wipe the slate clean with each and every client, stepping away from the standard template of what IT professionals can deliver to explore the breadth of traits, achievements and knowledge that shapes a unique brand and raises our clients above the competition.

Clients who choose City CV benefit from:


Expertise and experience:

As former Big 4 and FTSE 500 technology professionals themselves, our dedicated IT&T team has professional experience within this sector. They speak the language and truly understand the nuances of a broad spectrum of roles across the sector. Benefit from our first-hand experience of how to distil and articulate strengths.


Industry insight:

We know how tech hiring decisions are made and what employers need to see on-paper, online and in-person. We have deep insider knowledge of the recruitment practices of leading global organisations, start-ups (including MedTech and FinTech) and major IT, pharmaceutical, telecoms, banking, insurance, oil & gas, automotive, defence and utility companies. We continue to keep abreast of the latest sector developments such as AI, machine learning, IoT and digital transformation so we can advise on where best to position a career trajectory. 


Proven track record:

With our support, City CV ICT clients have successfully secured roles at Accenture, McKinsey, Raytheon, IBM, DXC Technology, Amazon, BT Group, Google, Vodafone, Home Office, FCO, Yahoo,  Smartspace Software, Raytheon, Symphony Ventures, B3i, DXC Technology, TransPerfect, Pawame, Trivium, BT, Ansira, Ocado Group, Honeywell, Rail Delivery Group, JPMorganChase & Co, Mace and many global multinationals, as well as being successful in taking leading IT positions in a host of other sectors, including finance, retail, health, pharma, manufacturing and media.   

We are confident we can provide a structured solution to your needs whatever your field of expertise.


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