Nadia, CV Writer



  • Brings long-standing investment banking and media experience to CV writing
  • Holds a Masters in Business Administration from a leading UK university
  • An expert listener with strong technical skills and highly developed market insight, writes thoughtful targeted CVs with precision and flair


Nadia has significant investment banking experience in strategic client-facing roles. She has led complex large-scale transactions that have delivered financing solutions to a range of systemically important institutions, from international banking groups to the financing arms of multinational corporations. She holds an MBA from a leading UK university; her particular interests are Organisational Behaviour and Business Strategy.

Prior to and following her 15 years in financial services, she has spent a further cumulative decade and a half in broadcast and online media as a filmmaker and writer. She is a highly skilled interviewer and takes great pleasure in transforming personal narratives into authoritative and convincing texts. In addition to her media work, she has participated in coaching programmes intended for young people facing new educational and career choices.

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