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Are you are looking for increased job satisfaction, a better work-life balance or support in dealing with a transition to a new sector, role or company? Do you need help deciding if you are in the best role for you? Could you be happier elsewhere? Are you facing issues internally, maybe trying to secure a promotion or payrise? Does something not feel quite right?

City CV’s career coaching can help. We offer a highly personalised approach which empowers you to take control of your career decisions. Our expert career coaches have supported hundreds of clients, from CEO to graduate, into enviable positions with leading organisations across the private and public sectors.

We’ve provided Sample Career Coaching Packages below to give insight into what can be achieved within each timescale, but it’s your time and we will work in partnership with you to focus on your unique needs. Coaching can take place online via Skype, face to face in London or a mix of the two.

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6 Steps to Success Programme  (6 Sessions)

Session 1: Your core values
Identify and discover your own core values. When your work and behaviour mirror your values, suddenly life and work feel a lot more fulfilling. This part of the programme can be a very revelatory and exciting process with your newly discovered core values forming reference points for your entire career.

Session 2 – Your value
Play to your strengths and your career will immediately become more fulfilling. We utilise several techniques to help you identify and focus on your strengths, skills, knowledge and particular expertise. What do you bring to a role and what defines your uniqueness?

Session 3 – Motivations

Discover your core motivators – personally and professionally.  What really drives your decision making – from the practical essentials to the role itself, environment, culture and your personality?

Session 4– Ideas and Issues

What obstacles may be preventing your ascent, transition or success?

Session 5 – Reflection

Funnel these ingredients to establish sectors, functions, companies and roles that will fulfil your career and life needs. Explore career options.  Understand what career you would like to plan for in the future – whether staying where you are or transitioning to pastures new.

Session 6 – Check and Plan

Assess the insights and light bulb moments. Establish goals and devise a practical career action plan that determines clear next steps and timelines.

Bespoke Sessions – Guided by your needs…

Your career coach will provide a confidential, safe sounding board for you to discuss whatever issues you may be facing. We can consult on the current market, advise on issues in the workplace and coach you to create an action plan for next steps.

Job Search Coaching

For those that are unfamiliar with the current job market, coaching can help ensure you appear in front of the right people at the most opportune time.

Job hunting can sometimes descend into a scattergun approach.  We’ll coach you to ensure your search is at its most productive with targeted, efficient and effective strategies for your different distribution channels; direct employers, head-hunters and recruiters, social media and networking.

Your coach can:

Assist you in identifying the most appropriate distribution channels for your job search (including sourcing the right roles) and how to approach the key people to expand your network.

Ensure you optimise your usage of LinkedIn, whether it be through groups, LinkedIn jobs or by leveraging your network and / or becoming a subject matter expert.

Support your applications through ongoing writing / coaching / offer negotiation.

Set clear weekly / bi-monthly targets to ensure full accountability. This could include a weekly catch up call with your coach to ensure you are keeping your job search on track.

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Marie is an absolutely phenomenal coach who provides an incredible sense of security, despite the seemingly insurmountable challenges. She instantly connects with her clients in a hugely reassuring way, through her genuine warmth, compassion and her resolute determination. She absolutely strives to help clients regain clarity and direction, as well as to take ownership of, and be comfortable with, life changing decisions.

Marie provides a balanced coaching approach that clearly identifies the issues and obstacles in the way of goals and employs sophisticated coaching techniques that generate sustainable solutions. At a time in my life when I was so despairing and feeling powerless after numerous job rejections, Marie was able to completely turn these difficult thoughts into a positive direction that enabled me to regain control, hope and remain focused on the end goal. She continued to wholeheartedly believe in me despite the continuous setbacks and even managed to rebuild my shattered self-esteem and confidence.

Marie gave me the strength and determination to achieve my ultimate goal and to think beyond the immediate future. I would 100% recommend Marie to anybody who has become “stuck” in life for whatever reason. She will absolutely ensure that you have the best possible chance of reaching your goal and goes out of her way to support you during the process.

C.M. ... Career Returner

Thank you so much for organising the career coaching session this morning. It has been a fantastic and productive session. Nick was so helpful and really helped me to take the best out of my CV and professional experience. I was so impressed. Thank you once again.

Maria ... Accountant

I feel the sessions we had opened my eyes to who I really am. It was such an insightful course about myself and the things that matter to me.

I was going through a difficult moment at work where I felt broken, demotivated and full of self-doubt. These sessions not only helped me to regain my confidence and motivation but also put in front of my mind what really makes me happy and that it’s important to seek that happiness in everything I do in my life, not only at work. It felt like therapy! It made me feel good with myself.

I loved the fact that I was able to feel comfortable talking about my problems and issues at work and be as open and honest as I could be. I thank you for listening and for all your tips and advise.

When I’m ready to move to a new job, I’ll let you know. Thanks again for showing me the kind human being I am but never noticed.


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