Redundancy – still a word that weighs heavily when it’s first mentioned. Today, it’s a more optimistic picture than in years gone by partly because the workplace has grown more accustomed to not having one job for life.

Outplacement support can take different forms. Sometimes it’s practical advice, training materials and workshops to help you identify your key skills and transition to a new role after redundancy; but it can also be exploring career options, perfecting your CV and delivering strategies for effective job searching, including maximizing technology and social media platforms.

Whether you’re looking for a similar role, are ready to try something completely different or even start your own business, outplacement support can help you feel much more confident about the future.

Equally, they can underpin the efforts of HR departments in making sure that employees are equipped with the support and skills to move forward and source another role as quickly as possible.

So how do you choose the right outplacement support?

Whether you’re an individual facing redundancy or a business seeking support during a time of change and restructuring, the considerations are the same.

Here are our 5 top tips:

  1. Be clear about what you need

Just some help with writing a new CV or more in-depth career management support for a total rethink/change of direction? Make sure you choose an outplacement company that has the experience, reputation and scope of services that you need.

Technology will never replace human interaction – while it’s useful to harness the tools technology offers, at times of redundancy and career transition, that personal touch is vital – and this includes coaches who can bring clarity and composure to what might feel like a rather chaotic context.

  1. Seek tailored strategy and support

In these circumstances, it’s about matching the needs of individuals with the right tools and expertise to inspire change, promote positivity and set the scene for a bright future. In a recent industry survey, over 92% of all participants experiencing outplacement rated their career coach as the most important factor in helping them to achieve their desired outcomes. Specify a programme that aligns results and expectations.

  1. Research and review the competition

Rather than a scattergun approach, choose two or three companies to research. Trawl their websites. Call for more information so you can draw comparisons. You should be offered a free initial chat in which you can ask relevant questions.  How would your outplacement programme be structured? Is there back up support with Skype? What’s their success rate with candidates?

  1. Word of mouth works wonders

Still one of the best and most effective ways to source the right outplacement company. Ask for recommendations from other organisations or individuals that you know and trust, and always check testimonials on LinkedIn and websites.

  1. Finally, search the small print

Before you make a final decision, dig down into the detail. Be clear about the services that the outplacement company is providing, the scope of the support, all costs, when the service begins and ends and whether this takes place remotely or on-site. As with every other business arrangement your chosen service provider should be able to give you reassurances as well as access to testimonials from satisfied customers.

At City CV we’ve developed outplacement programmes for individuals as well as corporates of every size, spanning FSTE 100 companies to SMEs and entrepreneurial start-ups in all sectors.

If you’re an employer, you’ll find our services invaluable.

Choosing to offer outplacement as part of a redundancy support programme is a wise investment as it can cool down the heat across the organisation. It’s a demonstration that you value your people and also a reassurance to your remaining team that you will continue to support them during challenging times.

At City CV, we can flex to your needs. You may just need expert advice and guidance to help your people prepare a CV, or you may benefit from comprehensive career coaching including strategies and job search support on a one-to-one or group basis Find out more about the services we offer to our corporate clients.

Facing redundancy?

Today’s job market is undoubtedly challenging. If you’re currently facing redundancy, get in touch for ways to boost your chance of success in the job market and strengthen your position. We’ve done this for thousands of happy customers.

It’s worth remembering that improving your visibility online and getting your name to the top of searches on job boards and professional networking sites like LinkedIn is incredibly valuable.

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